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Why Voxvita?

Business Processing

Our software is designed with the ability to accomodate varying customer business processes and validations. Every business is different. It is normal to need customization.

Fast Deployment

Our software is based on powerful building blocks that make it possible to deploy customer solutions in days vs. weeks or even months.

Customer Focus

Our software is designed from the ground up with the most modern web technologies to facilitate a superior user experience.

Company Support

Just about anything software process can be developed. If you have a need or an idea, just let us know. We'll evaluate it and discuss it together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you selling?

Every business has some of these items that require documentation: Customers, Employees, Vendors, Materials, Sales Orders, Work Orders, Invoices, Procedures and the list goes on and on. These must be validated, stored, protected, manipulated and made available in the future to the right users in the right layout. Our software makes these and countless more available based on your needs.

How does this work?

Our software is offered as a website. No IT department is required. No knowledge of SaaS, WAMP, LAMP, ITIL, Agile, SCRUM and the other unlimited number of acronyms for applying common sense and technologies. We do not expect you to learn any of that. We ask you questions and from your answers, we deliver your solution.

Who can log on?

You, your employees and your customers. You control who views and changes what! For repeat users, a username and password is generated. Other users get emails with links that limit them to only what you want them to view and/or change.

Who is your market?

There are millions of companies out there that have outgrown using small accounting programs and spreadsheets, yet cannot justify the prices large companies charge for a comprehensive solution. They are generally left with two choices: 1) Suffer with something that does not meet their needs or 2) pay very high prices for the market dominators. We endeaver to help these businesses.

Today's major software companies are largely publicly traded companies with a primary goal to make profit. After decades of experience with modern large software implementations, our software was launched with the desire to provide great software for businesses in an entirely new way. Users get software that facilitates their work, management gets visibility for decision support and leadership gets great results at a fair price.